University Ranking and International Migrant Scholars

Under the theme “University Rankings and International Migrant Scholars” international higher education leaders and key stakeholders from the public and private sector are preparing to gather in London, UK in February 2018.

A relatively small event, but with a great diversity in high-level participants, QS in conversation offers a conducive environment for insightful, challenging and free discussions on the important topic of university rankings and international migrant scholars. Aside from presentations, panel discussions and a debate, QS in conversation also offers ample opportunity for professional networking with educational experts coming from different parts of the world.

If you have an interest in university rankings and international scholarly mobility, and want to meet with the movers, thought leaders and activists who are reshaping higher education for the benefit of all, QS in conversation is the event that you must attend. We invite you to explore our website further or to register now!

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