About Effat University

Effat University, established in 1999, is a leading private non-profit institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia, operating under the umbrella of King Faisal Foundation. Effat University is strengthened by the legacy of its founder, Queen Effat Al-Thunayyan. Effat University prepares aspirational and effective leaders of international quality who contribute to national and global progress by interweaving Effat University Core Values into an innovative education which creates a culture of broad inquiry, intellectual engagement, and valuable societal impact.

Effat University believes that the future of the nation lies in the divine act of reading as expressed in the Holy Quran. The verb IQRA, “read,” is at the heart of Effat University’s Core Values. These values include the following:

I Ibhath undertake life-long research
Q Qiyam ethical social and educational values
R Riyada responsible and creative leadership
A At-tawasul effective communication and reaching out to others

With more than 2600 undergraduate and postgraduate students, and around 157 faculty members, Effat University offers 17 undergraduate and graduate programs, most of them are unique and were the first to be introduced to females in the kingdom when they were introduced, namely; Architecture, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Visual and Digital Production, Operations and Information Management, Entrepreneurship, and Design. Effat University also offers two master degrees the first of their kinds in the kingdom; Islamic Financial Management and Masters in Energy Engineering. In addition, Effat University offers a Masters in Urban Design and a Masters in Translation Studies. All these unique programs are offered within four colleges, namely; Effat College of Engineering, Effat College of Business, Effat College of Science and Humanities, and Effat College of Architecture and Design.

Effat University offers its students a holistic learning experience with a focus on developing them personally, intellectually, professionally, socially and ethically. Effat Ambassadors Program is a unique co-curricular program that equips all Effat students with the skills, experiences, and attitudes necessary for development as future leaders.

Effat University built strong relationships and agreements with very well-established international institutions and universities which support the development, review and implementation of all its programs. Among its renowned partners are: Paris Malaquais in France, Tokai University in Japan, Bocconi University in Italy, University of Western Sidney in Australia, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, University of Miami, Georgetown University, Syracuse University, Auburn University, and Tisch School of the Arts in USA.

Effat University always endeavors to deliver a quality learning experience to its students and the evidence is that Effat University and all its undergraduate programs have achieved national accreditation from the National Commission for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NCAAA) and has been rated by QS as a "3 Stars” institution, achieving "5 stars" in employability and facilities and “4 Stars’ under teaching and learning. Moreover, Effat University won the prestigious King Abdulaziz Quality Award for the category of private higher education institutions, which is one of the most renowned Saudi awards that celebrate institutions with exceptional levels of excellence for the quality of their work and products.

Effat University also has relations with over 200 employers inside and outside the kingdom and some of the world’s most reputable organizations such as SIMENS, General Electric, Microsoft, Google. Such links with the industry strengthened the relationship between Effat University and the employment market and subsequently provide valuable insight and feedback on the university’s programs and facilitate graduates job placements.

Research in Effat University has organically grown from the faculty interests and the country’s persistent needs. The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research at the university established four research centers: Smart Buildings Research Center, Virtual Reality Research Center, E-Arabization Research Center, and Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Research Center. Effat researchers from the four colleges produce an ever growing number of peer-reviewed articles in prestigious international journals with high ISI/SIR factors, as well as publish books and in proceedings. Effat University also holds regular four international conferences; the Learning and Technology Conference, the English and Translation Conference, the Islamic Finance Conference and Memaryyat International Conference. These international research activities along with the internal research seminars led by research active faculty, undergraduate and postgraduate students are continually boosting the research culture at Effat University.

For more information about Effat University, please visit the website www.effatuniversity.edu.sa

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